AS ATHLETIC 2007 DARMANESTI - Site oficial
  Meciuri amicale

1-0 Rusu (19´),Gol2-1 Burasan(70´),Gol3-2 Manea A. (77´),Gol4-2 Braga(81´),
   Gol  5-2 Manea A(88´)

       Potorac.C, Stangaciu.A
   Repriza a doua:Palade,Mocondureanu,Rusu,Tomita,Celmare,Manea.A,Braga,Chiris,Milon,

                                      GolManea A. 1-0(min 10)
   prima repriza-     Palade,Brescan,Tomita,Rusu,Puiu,Minca,Maftei,Ciangau,Manea.A,Stangaciu.A,Burasan.
 repriza 2-
Palade(min83,Voican),Mokondureanu.F,Tomita,Rusu,Cel Mare,Cojocaru,Ciangau,Braga,Lang,Shilo,Munteanu

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