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  Golgeteri - Goleadores

                            România     GOLGETERI 2009 - 2010    România

                1.Milon              10 GolGolGolGolGolGolGolGolGolGol
                2.Enache R.       6 GolGolGolGolGolGol
3.Colomitz         5 GolGolGolGolGol
                4.Puiu                3GolGolGol
                5.Nistor             3 penaltyGolGol
                6.Jipa                3GolGolGol
                7.Rusu M.          2 GolGol
                8.Minca             2Gol
                9.Miu                 1Gol
               10.Chiris            1Gol
               11.Maftei           1Gol
               12.Manea A.      1Gol
               13.Potoroc C.    1Gol
               14.Ciangau        1Gol

Gol Goluri in campionat
         penalty Goluri penalty

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